Hello my name is Michael and I want to thank you for taking your time and visiting our Buy Fresh Air website. The goal of this website is to help you the consumer who is looking to buy an air purifier or simply searching for information on how they work and which styles and models best suit your needs. Although something like an air purifier sounds like it would be pretty cut and dry there are a ton of air filters available in the marketplace. Our goal is the narrow the large selection of choices into simple clear concise categories. We want you to find reviews that are honest and unbiased and leave out jargon so you understand what you’re getting for the value of your money. Again thank you for giving us a few minutes of your time so we can save hours and money.

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We come from different environmental settings. Some of us live in regions where it is most dry and windy, most times of the year. Some of us live with pets in-house, with the pets partly getting the blame of spreading airborne diseases thanks to them shedding fur, occasionally. We also live with relatives, especially the elderly who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma, aggravated by vitiated surroundings or contaminants in the air. most households are now going for for air purifiers for the homes and places of business.

HEPA filtration is a necessity for such environments it eliminates pollutants common in the air. It will remove bacteria, odors, viruses and other carbon-based contaminants, thanks to a combination of cleaning technology, namely electric filtration, negative ion generation, electrostatic precipitation and ultraviolet beams to remove viruses, fungi, mold spores, odors, and bacteria. Let us not rule out the fact that some cleaners are only designed to remove specific contaminants in the air, like chemicals and smoke.

Signs You Need Air Cleaner in your Home

You’re living in a Household Cannot Stop Sneezing, Coughing and Have Sore Throats- Pollen, fur, fungi and mold spores float all around the home. An air purifier with an ionizer and optimal CADR rating will help in getting rid of airborne allergens. Strong Odors from cooking may carry throughout your home. You may be doing your best to keep the house clean, by using fresheners and cleaning supplies on surfaces, but you may be leaving sharp smells of the products. Personal home air purifiers that can collect the dust and volatile organic compounds from carpets, clothes and furniture that was recently upholstered, goes a long way into purifying the air. Tired of breathing in the stale and stuffy Air? I you feel like you’re on airplane in your own home it may be time to look into something that is scientifically proven to freshen your air. Are you aware of the presence of dust mites? Your vacuum cleaner may not get to the bottom of some parts of the home. An ionic cleaner running at high speeds will pick up dust mites and other pollutants coming from window sills and under the furniture. Do you or relatives have respiratory conditions? If you live with family members suffering from asthma and emphysema or other severe chest conditions, lowering the level of household pollution is in your best interest.

Air Purifier Maintenance

It is important to know that if you own a air purifier with an HEPA and an activated charcoal filter, replacing the filters is most to increase its lifespan. Replacing them ensures that the unit’s high level air purification is maintained.Two factors play a role in replacing filters with fresh new ones the frequency of use and the over all time regardless of use.Shoppers are urged to take the cost and frequency of future net replacements to consideration. Most filter manufacturers suggest and we at Buy Fresh Air agree you should change your filters every 6 to 12 months. Replacing the carbon filters, designed to absorb odors and smells, is quick and easy. Most purifiers come with guides on how one can go about changing them.All in all, it is important as a consumer to do as much research as possible before making an informed decision on which purifier to buy. We suggest air filtration system that has both and HEPA and activated charcoal filter.

Your Air Purifier Buyers guide

The great place to get started reading would be your buyer’s guide which I wrote providing information on the importance of the specific features and functions of our preferred models of air purifiers. Try to get yourself well versed in the important features, advantages, and benefits of air cleaners and help yourself to rest if the informative articles on my site.

Clean Air Delivery Rate

Typically measured by cubic feet per minute by three important factors of pollutants according to the number of smoke, pollen, and dust. Different filters have the ability to remove a certain size particles and in specific size of an area.

Important Performance Factors

You maybe asking yourself how can I tell what the performance of my air purifier. The performance of an air cleaner is more than just the CADR rating. You can check an air purifier for its air changes per hour. You could also calculate its air flow right.

Understand precisely how HEPA filters work.

There’s a difference between true happen to have a like filters. They are common and one of the most effective parts of any while performing air purifier. In this article I will tell you about why they are so important and what to look for when purchasing.

More Than Just Reviews

If you decided you didn’t want to take the time and any of my topics and you just want to find out more information on air purifiers there are plenty of articles on the side that will achieve that Ideal

What Size Air Purifier Do you need?

This article will discuss The important criteria you the consumer need in sizing the right air purifier for your kitchen, office, or bedroom. What’s listed on the manufacturer’s website doesn’t always convey into real life situations click the link below to learn more.

Here’s an example a desktop air purifier that we really believe in.

Activated carbon filters and pre-filters

Most ionic cleaners come with HEPA like filters or true HEPA filters. But the more quality air purifiers come with elementary filters charcoal filters and true have a filters which increase their ability to clean the air around you. Click below for an article that explains what to look for how they work.

Anion, electrostatic, UV, electrostatic purifiers

Once again there are more too air purifiers then just HEPA filtration. Many employee germ killing technology that helped destroy harmful bacteria click on the link below to learn more.

Air purifiers for techies

There are a ton of different features on air purifiers which include automated modes, sensors, fan speeds and timers click below to hear which ones have which features.

Important bacteria odor and pollutant remedies

Want to get rid of pet dander bacteria, viruses, mildew, and mold spores. Do you suffer from terrible allergies is it hard to breathe because of the dust in the air? The article below will tell you about how these particles are treated and removed through specific air cleaning functions.

However air purifiers can help with asthma

My mom and brother have suffered from the house mother entire life. Below I will relay their personal experience with air purifiers and how they help with the wheezing and sneezing. What natural remedies and what specific air cleaners to look for.

Check out this infographic about the sources of indoor air pollution from “phillips”

air purifier infographic phillips